What is Depression?

Different facets of a common struggle

Depression exists in varying forms. The word depression as used in everyday language refers to at least two conditions: a mood and an illness. The depressed mood is that sad, down, blue feeling everyone has experienced. Usually transitory, it does not affect the general state of well-being or level of functioning.

However, depression is also used to describe a grouping of symptoms, the most pronounced of which is the persistent sadness of mood which typically occurs in response to a loss. This depressive mood affects the entire personality. The sufferer is mentally preoccupied with the real or imagined loss, socially withdrawn from family and friends, and spiritually troubled with feelings of alienation from God. The subject may also be physically plagued with decreased appetite, weight loss, and insomnia. A feeling of hopelessness and thoughts about suicide are also common.

Normal Grief Reaction. Glenn Thomas, a pastor, was a dynamic speaker and empathetic counselor who continually reshuffled ...

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