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At least monthly, someone tells me they once had a singles ministry in their church, but it died. When I hear that, I wonder who killed it. Here are some reasons I've found:

1. Fad-born. If a singles ministry was started to "jump on the bandwagon" of singles ministry, the chances are great that it will fizzle out when some other ministry appears more attractive. A ministry must be founded on need and vision in order to succeed.

2. Poor lay leadership. Lack of trained and knowledgeable leadership within the ranks will send a singles ministry down the drain. A singles ministry must be owned by the laity, and they need to understand and be trained in this unique ministry.

3. Weak clergy support. The failure of the senior pastor and pastoral staff to understand and support the ministry will cause it to fail or, at best, sputter along. The "you can do it but don't bother me" attitude will put a singles ministry next door to the church broom closet.

4. Unfounded congregational fears. If the congregation ...

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