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As I peered over the mountain of material cluttering my desk-calendar, desk pad, desk Day-Timer, electric pencil sharpener, filing baskets, reminder note pads, standing telephone directory, answering machine, calendar pen holder, future-planning scheduling diary-a strange thought occurred to me: Most of this junk is supposed to help me become more organized!

Since pastors run theirs lives by lists, I made a list of all the things on my desk I could do without. But then I didn't have the heart to part with any of them. All I produced was another efficiency list to clutter my desk

My desk inventory was not without gain, however. While rummaging I found several lists I had written years ago in an earlier attempt to get organized. Here, then, for your ready reference, are three basic lists a pastor needs. Read them, add to them, subtract from them-but please, don't leave them lying on your desk.

A Pastor's Ten Favorite Illustrations

1. Someone else's big mistake.

2. The bumper sticker I read on ...

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