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There she lay behind my desk, sleek and sexy, humming softly. I couldn't wait to get my hands on her. I had been introduced to her a year earlier but hadn't taken much notice at the time. In the last couple of weeks, however, she had consumed me with passion. I couldn't keep my mind on my work. My fantasies were running wild.

Finally will power was overcome. I closed my office door, and in spite of my wife's warnings, I yielded to one of the most powerful attractions of contemporary pastors. I became utterly infatuated with my personal computer.

The idea of buying a PC seemed innocent enough at first. Wouldn't it simply be an upgrade from my electronic typewriter? But gradually, dispassionate logic turned to moral fervor, especially when I considered how it would benefit others.

I would type my own correspondence, agendas, and proposals and thus free my secretary for other tasks. I would use a data base to make a mailing list-a certain help to our newsletter editor. The financial secretary's ...

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