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Keeping the Drive Alive

An interview with Lloyd John Ogilvie
Keeping the Drive Alive

Many pastors identify with the old story about the minister who daily went down to the tracks at the center of town and cheered uproariously as the train steamed past, because it was "the one thing I don't have to push." Wearied from pushing and prodding and imparting commitment to ho-hum programs and parishioners, pastors relish the idea of something that makes progress by itself.

Lloyd John Ogilvie has led several churches, small and large, easy and difficult, appreciative and demanding. For the last seventeen years, he has been pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood (California).

Yet after many seasons of ministry, his commitment to his Savior and the church have remained at full throttle-or even accelerated. Today he writes books, edits the Communicator's Commentary series, appears weekly in the "Let God Love You" television program, speaks at evangelistic events, and manages to pastor an active church as concerned with the runaway teen as with the ...

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