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Communion When Seekers are Present

Communion has been a theological battleground for centuries. For today's working pastors, however, many of the issues surrounding Communion seem more practical than theological. No more so is that true than for churches filled with seekers--those drawn to, but not yet born of, the Spirit.

Seekers may not understand Communion--how to explain it simply? They may want to participate--how to explain your guidelines graciously without seeming too restrictive? How should the bread and the cup be served in the midst of those who have not made that first step of faith?

To get at this answer, I talked with respected pastors from a variety of theological traditions. Their varied answers provide a menu of choices to help better set the Lord's Table.


Dawson Memorial Baptist in Birmingham, Alabama, keeps it simple: Communion is for those who have accepted Christ as their Savior and Lord; the question of who partakes is left to the conscience of the individual.

The issue of who decides ...

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