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Keeping the Adventure in Ministry

Another meeting. A repeated complaint. Too little sleep. Not enough money. Add them together, and even a noble calling can begin to feel humdrum. How do you keep the wonder and excitement in ministering for God?

Leadership put that question to Jill Briscoe, a grandmother of nine and someone who shows amazing vitality in ministry. When World Relief needs someone to bring Christian encouragement and teaching to refugees in Croatia or the killing fields of Cambodia, it often sends Jill Briscoe. When ministers and their spouses want biblical teaching and a spiritual boost, they often invite Jill Briscoe.

"The best thing I can do for my world and for those I love," she writes, "is to be wise, fearing God, laughing at the Devil, working my head off to see God's kingdom come. I live for his work, his honor, his smile, because I love him."

Jill was educated at Homerton College in Cambridge and taught in the British school system. She worked with rough street youth in Liverpool, ...

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