This article is the second in a series that answers the question "What are we doing?" You can read Yes, Jesus Loves Me to understand the big picture.

This weekend, look into the wide-eyes of an infant, toddler, or two-year-old. Kids in this age range remain constantly curious and keep themselves busy taking in all of their surroundings. Colors, words, music, and even people are just some of the things they experience for the first time. Think about that for a moment: for the first time.

So during this genesis of a child's spiritual journey, children's ministries have the opportunity to deliberately teach each infant, toddler, and two-year-old that Jesus and God really exist. Our ministry believes that during these young years we set the stage for the rest of the child's personal growth and point him or her to a relationship with Christ. Without knowing who Jesus is, or trusting in His existence, the child's personal relationship would remain void of any substantial foundation to grow upon. ...

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