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Money-Back Tithing

The Money-Back Guarantee. The friend of consumers everywhere. And at LifeChurch, the promise now applies to tithing.

The Edmond, Oklahoma-based congregation instituted the Three-Month Tithing Challenge. Recognizing that the prospect of giving away ten percent of one's income can be frightening for first-timers, LifeChurch encourages members to tithe for three months, and look for signs of God's faithfulness. If members believe God hasn't proven himself faithful, 100 percent of the tithe will be returned, no questions asked.

In order to prevent abuse, LifeChurch has set up a number of rules. In order to qualify for the challenge, participants must not have tithed in the past six months. Before beginning to tithe, they must fill out a registration form, and at the end of the challenge, any request for a refund must come within 30 days.

The inspiration for the money-back guarantee comes from Malachi 3:10-11, which commands a tithe and promises blessing to those who give faithfully. Two separate ...

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