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Diverse by Design

Establishing a multi-ethnic ministry takes patience, persistence, and prayer.

Mark DeYmaz is founding pastor of Mosaic Church, a multi-ethnic church in Little Rock, Arkansas, and co-founder of the Mosaix Global Network. The 46-year-old documents his journey from west-coast youth guy, to megachurch youth pastor, to church planter and passionate leader of a global movement in Building a Healthy Multi-Ethnic Church (Jossey-Bass, 2007).

What motivated you to plant a multi-ethnic church in Arkansas?

About eight years ago, I became increasingly uncomfortable with the feeling that the only minorities in my otherwise wonderful, healthy church were janitors. It forced me to scripture and to interact with a couple of brothers around the country who had paved some ground in this area.

I was talking to my hairstylist, a black woman named Precious, about the need for a diverse church in Little Rock. She said, "Mark, do you ever think it could happen here?" And at the exact same time I heard her voice with my ears, I heard God's voice in my heart: "Mark, would you consider doing ...

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