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The Stages of Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth occurs in all developmental stages and in all aspects of life—mental, physical, social and emotional. But what are those growth stages? And how can we encourage the development of faith in children during these crucial periods? Below you'll find a sketch of the stages, and tips for ministering effectively to children in each of these stages.

Infancy-3 Years: Sensing Security

Development and Need

The greatest need for children from infancy to three is to feel that the world is a safe place and that the people in it are dependable. This sense of security and trust usually comes from the family and provides a foundation for children to trust God.

The primary development during this time is mimicking. Babies mimic the movements of those around them—smiling, clapping, making sounds. By age 2-3 children are walking, running, and exploring everything around them; they can dress and feed themselves. They have learned the basics of language and can carry on conversations ...

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