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Steve Jobs, Al Davis, Roger Williams, and You

What we learn from the passing of our icons.

We have all been reading the remarkable life of Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs's level of success was so high it's hard to find a standard of comparison—people used names like Edison or Ford.

He was a visionary genius who revolutionized six different industries. His legacy includes Mac computers, Apple retail stores, Pixar studios, iPhone, iPod, iTunes, iPad. There is a biography about him called iCon. He was the inventor or co-inventor on 342 patents or patent applications.

He changed the way we think about computers, phones, music, movies, and retail stores. He made technology cool, intuitive, elegant, and easy to use. His passing leaves a crater.

Somebody said ten years ago we had Bob Hope, Johnny Cash, and Steve Jobs; now we have no Hope, no Cash, and no jobs.

In the 1800s the American dream was being born in a log cabin and growing up to be president. In our day it's a kid starting a company in his parents' garage that will change the world. That kid was Steve Jobs.

Then he died.

How successful ...

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