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A review of Logos 5 Gold software

When I first opened my newly installed Logos 5 Gold, I was overwhelmed. It wasn't because the program was designed poorly. It was a reaction to the sheer quantity of resources I suddenly found at my fingertips—over 1,000 resources (worth $21,000-plus in print materials). I felt like I had stepped into a virtual seminary library.

In graduate school, I was accustomed to searching for these types of resources on the school's library database, only then to climb multiple flights of stairs, weave through stacks of bookshelves, and scan my eyes over dozens of book spines, and their tiny alphanumeric codes. Even once I finally plunged into the books, I spent precious time scanning tables of contents and indexes to find the content I needed. With Logos 5 Gold, all these steps are removed. The same types of resources are, as the saying goes, only a click away.

This was my first experience with Logos Bible software, so I imagine I faced a steeper learning curve than Logos 4 ...

From Issue:Spring 2013: Money
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