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Pastor, Church, & Law Volume 2

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Dig deeper with Richard Hammar in this volume as he establishes the legal definition of the church, and the relationship between the law and the church. Church leaders will find practical help on many important issues including:

  • Tax legislation
  • Zoning laws
  • Incorporation
  • Church records
  • Reporting requirements
  • Selection, authority, and personal liability of directors and officers
  • Membership
  • Church property issues
  • Embezzlement

Meaningful Membership

From Building Church Leaders

Church membership is so much more than just a piece of paper or a name on a list. It clearly defines a community and offers people a clear choice to accept the blessings and responsibilities that go along with it. But even more significantly, church membership is a way for individual Christians to draw closer to God by drawing closer to his church and his people. An effective membership process should be a time of spiritual growth for the member-to-be, and yet so many churches neglect this crucial step into church life. This 18-page ...

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