Welcoming the Stranger into Church

How churches can best respond to immigration issues.

When was the last time you heard about immigration on the news? It's everywhere: a lot of people have a lot of very strong opinions about this complex issue that is the subject of much political debate. If you listen to the news long enough, it's easy to believe that it's all about laws and policies and to forget that it's also about the family living down the street.

When was the last time you heard about immigration in your church? Too often churches ignore the reality of how immigration impacts their community and the people both inside and outside the walls of the church, and in doing so not only miss out on the opportunity to serve those who have great need—they dismiss the biblical call to "welcome the strangers" in their midst.

Damon Schroeder wants to help churches engage that call and live it out well. This is the central purpose of his work, both as Director of U.S. Church Mobilization for World Relief, as well as Executive Director of the Immigration ...

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