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Leaning Into Community

Anne Marie Miller on what keeps us from knowing and being known.
Leaning Into Community

I'm pleased to share this conversation with author and speaker Anne Marie Miller, whose latest book, Lean On Me: Finding Intentional, Vulnerable, and Consistent Community (Thomas Nelson, 2014) addresses cultural and personal resistances to community life and health. - Paul

Paul: I think many of us can relate to the difficulties of life in community. Did this book come out of a crisis moment for you?

Anne: In hindsight, Lean on Me was birthed out of a crisis. After seven years of marriage, I was faced with the reality that it was ending. Just like that. I was blind-sided, and the grief that resulted from the experience was intolerable. I knew I could choose to run away and avoid it or I could engage my community, be messy, be scared, and let others into the mess.

At first, I chose to run ... but three short months later, I found myself asking a dozen people if they would commit for eighteen months to helping me through this crisis in my life. Ten of them said yes. I thought ...

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