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5 Pastoral Pet Peeves

After decades in ministry, I’ve identified some Christian habits that get under my skin.
5 Pastoral Pet Peeves
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I have a lot of church experience. I was a pastor’s kid, a youth pastor for 13 years, and senior pastor now for 17 years. Over that time I’ve developed some pet peeves. I assume lousy haircuts may be a hair stylist’s pet peeve, and plumbers seem to avoid belts. But what bugs a pastor? Here is my top five. Drumroll please …

5. Slogans

I’m talking church marquee signs. And bumper stickers. And matching mission team t-shirts. I once saw a team in a Florida airport heading to Haiti with shirts boldly declaring, “WE HELP THE POOR.” The shirts were complete with a Haitian map so all the Haitians would know they were talking about them.

Can you imagine Jesus writing, “I Help the Poor” in the sand? Or “Choose the Bread of Life or You Are Toast,” or “Prevent Truth Decay, Brush Up On Your Bible,” or “Why Pay for GPS, Jesus Gives Directions for Free.” It’s embarrassing.

And to think—we ...

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