Finding Your Church's Niche

Effective community outreach requires more than polished techniques. Meaningful outreach begins with a healthy attitude toward mission and the community.
—Myron Augsburger

A desire to minister to the community doesn't automatically translate into effective community ministry.

A few years ago, an organization was planning a major youth outreach in Washington, D.C. They were going to bring 25,000 young people to Washington and turn them loose to evangelize. Some of us who minister in the inner city met and agreed to send a representative to Chicago to talk with the planning committee. We cautioned them about thrusting thousands of young, white suburban people into an inner-city setting of 70 percent blacks; the cultural barriers are enormous. As a result, they modified the program to develop a more relational approach.

What applies to grand mission projects applies especially to the local church. In approaching our neighborhoods, we don't want to do something foolish or insensitive, but effectively ...

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