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The Extra Mile of Pastoral Integrity

I've found it isn't enough to be true to myself and God alone. I must go the second mile, not only that others might not be confused but that ministry might effectively continue.
—Paul Cedar

For nearly three decades of ministry I was unaware of anyone ever questioning my integrity. Then it happened without warning.

A member of the pastoral staff of the church I was serving began telling others he was concerned about my lack of integrity. He had suggested his concern to me during one brief encounter, but I was unaware he was speaking so freely to others.

Then came the day of a church board meeting where we were discussing a serious and potentially divisive matter. When I asked for an open discussion to let board members express their concerns, I was surprised to find the conversation turn toward me. Three of the board members said that the church's real problem was not the issue under discussion but me. They said they had questions about my personal integrity.

I was shocked. In disbelief, I ...

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