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Christian History Home > 2005 > Issue 85

Issue 85

Why a Creed?
A Conversation with Robert Louis Wilken

Who Came to the Council of Nicaea?

Which Creed is Which?

The Road to Nicaea
The Council of Nicaea Strove to Answer one of the Central Questions of the Christian Faith, but it also Proved that Theology is Never a Tidy Buisiness

How Arianism Almost Won
After Nicaea, the Real Fight Began

Debating Jesus' Divinity: Did You Know?
Interresting and Unusual Facts about the Council of Nicaea

Pugnacious Defender of Orthodoxy

Debating Jesus' Divinity: Christian History Timeline
The Trials and Triumphs of Nicaea

Changes and Challenges

Dogs, Missions, and Holy Relics

The Dead Sea Scrolls Unrolled

New wine, new wineskins

Taking Care of (Church) Business
More was decided at the Council of Nicaea than the nature of Christ.

Do You Know Whom You Worship?
Did the Nicene Creed distort the pure gospel, or did it embody and protect it?

Saints and Heretics
Key players in a high-stakes game of politics and theology.

A Marriage Made in Byzantium
When it came to determining doctrine, there were limits to an emperor's power.

The Final Act
It took almost 60 years for the church to make Nicaea its standard of faith.

The Council of Nicaea and its bitter aftermath

Holiness of heart, life, and pen
Charles Wesley and Charles H. Sheldon

How Armenia "Invented" Christendom

Surprised by Orthodoxy

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