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Hey, John Kerry, WWFFD?
"What Would the Founding Fathers Do" about the application of Christian principles to American politics? A few cautionary words.
The Prohibition of Gay Marriage
We can learn from the defeat of American Christian activism's greatest legislative victory.
Top Ten Stories of 2003 … with a Christian History Twist
Here is our review of "the Christian history that made the stories that made the news."
Would You Like to Super-Size Your Ministry?
Joan Kroc's $1.5 billion bequest to the Salvation Army promises to boost its admirable outreach, but history suggests new challenges and temptations lie ahead.
When God—or Allah—Is in the Details
What do Islamic "sharia" law and the colonial Massachusetts' Puritan experiment have in common?
One Nation Under Secularism
France's peculiar aversion to public religiosity is rooted in a sordid history of sectarian violence.
A Problematic Partnership?
Would the Spanish friars of California's historic missions have lobbied for the separation of church and state?
The Doctrine Doctor
JaroslavPelikan has written a history of the Christian tradition on a scale no one else has attempted in the twentieth century.
Is Speaking Truth a Hate Crime?
New hate law bills highlight the need for peaceful yet critical Christian witness. A 12th-century abbot leads the way.
Revisiting the Pagan Olympic Games
New scholarship on the ancient Olympics reminds Christians why Emperor Theodosius outlawed the event so many centuries ago.
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