Knowing Godhead

Timothy George attempts to answer the question "Is the God of Muhammad the Father of Jesus?" [Feb. 4] by arguing that the doctrine of the Trinity sets us apart from Islam. Therefore, he argues, the answer to the question must be (in part) no.

Using this logic, one would also conclude that the God of the Jews is not the Father of Jesus. Moses certainly wouldn't have affirmed the Trinity! Does that mean the God of Moses was not the Father of Jesus?

George may be correct in his conclusion. But I'm very uncomfortable with the path that he takes to get there.

I am a trinitarian and a Christian, but I remain confused after reading Timothy George's article. Is there any doubt that the God of Adam, Noah, Abraham, and Moses is indeed the God of the Muslim, the Jew, and the Christian?

Jew, Muslim, and Christian all worship and serve a common God, but from the Christian perspective, the Islamic and Jewish belief systems contain error and/or are incomplete.

'Is the God of Muhammad the Father of Jesus?" The answer is no, for unlike the "God of Muhammad," the Father of Jesus is a triune God.

Muslims deny this doctrine, seeing it as polytheistic. The doctrine is not polytheistic but teaches that the one God has existed eternally in three Persons. The confusion centers on the word Person, which really means role. In ancient times, the Latin word persona meant a mask which an actor wore as he played a part or role. Thus it was possible for an actor to play several roles in the course of a play.

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