James Dobson says he cried on his last day as a public school teacher. Now he's crying for others to leave the schools.

In his Focus on the Family radio broadcasts yesterday (audio) and today (audio), Dobson reiterated a call on his March 28 program for parents to pull their children out of public schools in some states.

"What I was saying was that this godless and immoral curriculum and influence in the public schools is gaining momentum across the nation in ways that were unheard of just one year ago," he said on Monday's program. "It's as though the dam has now broken and activists representing various causes, including homosexuality, are rushing through the breach in ways that are shocking."

Though his March 28 program only mentioned California schools, on yesterday's show Dobson added several states to the list, especially those with "safe schools" legislation that prohibit discrimination against homosexuality: Connecticut, California, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, Washington, Wisconsin, Vermont, and Washington, D.C. He also mentioned Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, and Alaska as promoting homosexuality.

"It isn't just California that has drifted into this dangerous stuff," he said. "This is where we are, especially on both coasts, but to some degree throughout the nation."

Much of Dobson's broadcasts emphasized curriculums that encourage acceptance of homosexuality, but he added, "The shocking thing is that this threat to kids is much, much broader than the homosexual movement. It doesn't stop there. It is aimed at the very core of the Judeo-Christian system of values, the very core of scriptural values. I'm telling you that is not an overstatement."

As an example, Dobson spent a huge part of his Monday broadcast ...

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Dobson Again Calls For Parents To Pull Kids Out of Public Schools
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