June (Web-only) 2009

Subscriber Access Only Public Enemies
Cops and robbers collide in this thrilling Depression-era drama from the modern master of the crime epic, Michael Mann. PLUS: Overstreet on "A Mann's World."
Subscriber Access Only Spooning Out to Sea
Subscriber Access Only Tired of Singing Sad Songs
Subscriber Access Only Catching Up With ... Michael Sweet
The famed Stryper frontman reflects on losing his wife to cancer, the group's 25th anniversary, plus an update on his role in legendary rock band Boston.
Subscriber Access Only Recovering from 'The Year of Living Biblically'
Author A. J. Jacobs talks with CT about becoming a minor celebrity in the Christian world.
Subscriber Access Only CDs on The List
Short reviews of new albums by Brian Blade, Seasons, Madeleine Peyroux, and Iona.
Subscriber Access Only Mystery Highway
Phil Keaggy and Randy Stonehill team up for a winner.
Subscriber Access Only A Mann's World
Public Enemies director Michael Mann often blurs the line between the good guys and the bad in the moral crossfire between cops and robbers.
Subscriber Access Only How Old Is the Old-Time Religion?
Scholars challenge David Bebbington in The Advent of Evangelicalism.
Subscriber Access Only A Song Grows in Brooklyn
Inspired by community, biblical truth, and good music, a Brooklyn couple makes music in their living room—as The Welcome Wagon.
Subscriber Access Only Chéri
Michelle Pfeiffer stars as the most gorgeous prostitute in all of human history, but this feast for the eyes offers little for the heart.
Subscriber Access Only The Stoning of Soraya M.
This graphic—perhaps too much so—depiction of a real event raises awareness about the injustice that women still face in many parts of the world.
Subscriber Access Only Revolution Redux
Southern Baptists debate relationship between evangelism and identity.
Subscriber Access Only My Sister's Keeper
You'll need good supplies of both patience and tissues to get through this heart-wrenching story about a cancer-stricken teenager and the younger sister who was genetically engineered to save her.
Subscriber Access Only Christian Publisher Still Plans Kate Gosselin Book
Zondervan is advertizing a cookbook by the Jon & Kate Plus Eight star.
Subscriber Access Only What to Wear to Focus
A dress code change, an incentive not to get pregnant, and other items from the week's news. How much were you paying attention?
Subscriber Access Only The NAE Chooses Government Affairs Director
Veteran World Relief worker to replace Richard Cizik.
Subscriber Access Only Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Of course it's weak on plot and heavy on cool effects, but its shameful and unnecessary elements take it far from harmless brainless entertainment.
Subscriber Access Only Wash Away
Subscriber Access Only A Passion for Women's Rights
Jim Caviezel and Steve McEveety, who played critical roles in The Passion, expose human rights violations in Iran through their new film, The Stoning of Soraya M.
Subscriber Access Only Your Eggs Cost How Much?
Which state's government wants to purchase women's eggs for research? Is Wittenburg, Germany, a Christian hub? And other questions from this week's news.
Subscriber Access Only $9.99
In this clay animation feature, characters living in an apartment building interact, and deal with love, disappointment, and hope.
Subscriber Access Only The Proposal
An outlandish premise kicks off a most satisfyingly funny and romantic love story, with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds at the top of their games.
Subscriber Access Only Moon
Smart, old-school sci-fi in the tradition of 2001: A Space Odyssey featuring a terrific turn by Sam Rockwell and solid direction from rookie Duncan Jones. (And yes, he's David Bowie's son.)
Subscriber Access Only Year One
Lots of gross-out humor and a consistently lowbrow take on the Book of Genesis make this raunchy comedy one of the most disappointing Bible-themed movies in decades.
Subscriber Access Only Chaos Theology
Finding hope in the midst of the terror of creation.
Subscriber Access Only Pageant Preachers
Carrie Prejean isn't the only Christian contestant using the contest as a platform for her beliefs—or who has faced questions about compromising them.
Subscriber Access Only Around the Well
He says he's renounced the faith he grew up with, but Sam Beam's music—including his latest—is infused with religious imagery and spiritual longings.
Subscriber Access Only
Ten Theology Books for Your Beach Bag
Shake up your summer selections with these new releases.
Subscriber Access Only Saguaro Seminar Stays with Obama
Obama continually builds relationships, ideas and skills found from a Harvard seminar on social capital.
Subscriber Access Only Gas Explosion
Which pastor's house was damaged earlier this week? What percent of megachurch attendees are single? And other questions from this week's news.
Subscriber Access Only 'We Are Not Commanded To Be a Docent in the Art Museum. We Are Commanded To Love the Poor.'
World Vision president Richard Stearns says the greatest sin of our generation is apathy.
Subscriber Access Only Imagine That
Eddie Murphy learns to connect with his young daughter in this comedy that doesn't always connect with its audience.
Subscriber Access Only The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3
A tightly-wound, suspenseful depiction of New York City that asks important questions about life, innocence, and fate.
Subscriber Access Only Appeals Court Declares Ten Commandments Monument Unconstitutional
Judges say the Oklahoma monument would reflect a government endorsement of religion.
Subscriber Access Only Hope Mingled with Sadness
Inspired by the likes of Ozu, the Dardennes, and Bonhoeffer, filmmaker Lee Isaac Chung finds light after the darkness in Rwanda—and in himself.
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Too Unorthodox Even for the Episcopal Church?
Church leaders appear to have vetoed a bishop-elect for the first time since the 1930s. But few opponents are celebrating.
Subscriber Access Only You Want Me to Bring What to Church?
A pastor wants his congregation to show and tell, Harvard graduates sign a new pledge, and other questions from this week's news.
Subscriber Access Only Away We Go
A couple on the cusp of parenthood sets out in search of community in this uneven-yet-compelling portrait of nomadic hipsters trying to put down roots.
Subscriber Access Only My Life in Ruins
Even the star of My Big Fat Greek Wedding can't save this mess of a comedy. More like a Greek tragedy, it seems.
Subscriber Access Only Land of the Lost
Hard to believe that the original producers of the campy Saturday morning adventure from the '70s are also responsible for this extremely crude, juvenile, and unfunny remake.
Subscriber Access Only Does Twitter Do Us Any Good?
How the movement of the Trinity can help us decide.
Subscriber Access Only Job Search
Two foreign films poignantly illustrate that our quests for the perfect job—more money, more stuff—might miss the point of what really matters in life.
Subscriber Access Only Abortion Violence and American Democracy
The ironic relationship between the pro-life movement and its radical fringe.
Subscriber Access Only Music in Recession
Can the Christian music industry survive the economic storm?
Subscriber Access Only The Gospel and the Gosselins
Evangelicals and the making of Jon & Kate Plus Eight.
Top Story May 30, 2017
Do This in Remembrance
Do This in Remembrance
Participating in the “high holy day” of American civil religion is beneficial for Christians, so long as we do so thoughtfully.