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A Woman's Issue

Thank you for an intentional celebration of women's leadership in the October issue. It was wonderful to see so many friends mentioned, and to meet new ones as well. Their holy boldness and God-given gifts are indeed changing the world. It was a great beginning to what I hope will become a tradition at Christianity Today.

I should have been thrilled to see the October issue. But the cover title, "50 Women to Watch: Those most shaping the church and culture," sounded alarm bells. My concern is with the idea that anyone would or could "shape" the church. The only one who should be shaping the church is Jesus Christ. "Shaping" is what has caused so many divisions in the church and the watering down of sound biblical teaching.

Should our goal as Christians be to shape culture? Did Jesus call us to make our society more "Christian"? Does it help the ministries of those women to splash them across a magazine much in the style of People's "50 Most Beautiful People"? Or does it perpetuate America's obsession with celebrities and trivialize the work the Holy Spirit is doing through everyday men and women?

Of course, our list of women to watch was in no way comprehensive. Here's who we missed, according to our readers:Phyllis Tickle, Kay Arthur, Stormie Omartian, Michelle Obama, Katie Davis, Sherry Surratt, Jenni Catron, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Katharine Jefferts Schori, just a mom, Hillary Clinton, Hispanics, and Native Americans.
Correction:Priscilla Shirer does not have a doctorate from Dallas Theological Seminary, nor was she the first African American to attend the school.

Not Risking Hell

"The Spiritual Sex" [Spotlight, October] states, "[W]omen are better Christians than men are." The explanation ...

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