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February (Web-only) 2012

Santorum Wrong to Reignite 'Freedom of Worship' Controversy
Religious freedom rhetoric should not be a partisan tool.
Shuree: What 'One Girl' Can Do
Up-and-coming pop singer rises above broken home, drugs, and violence.
Release Me
Leaving Eden
Young Man in America
The Alignment
Till the Sunrise
God Shed His Grace
American Originals
New PBS documentary explores the highs and lows of the life of the Amish.
Act of Valor
Functions more like an ad for the Navy than an actual movie.
Q & A: Anthony Evans Has Got 'The Voice'
Gospel music singer makes Christina's team on the popular reality show.
Ralph Winter: Lessons from Oscar
A veteran producer teaches a Sunday school class about great movies. So can you!
Why Ash Wednesday Belongs out of the Church and out on the Streets
We suspect that penitence is usually done best when one joins in a community.
Subscriber Access Only Giving Up Self-Discipline for Lent
There is really only one 'lesson' I've learned in the penitential season.
Who Wants a Free Christian Campus?
C.S. Lewis College plans for former Moody campus in Mass. die. Now Green family is giving the site away.
Subscriber Access Only Songs of Praise & Scorn
Love, Peace, and Soul
Subscriber Access Only Feathers & Twine
Queen of the Wave
Erasing Women: How Both Sides Contribute to the Media Blackout on Female Pro-Lifers
We could work harder to prevent unfortunate photo-ops.
Where the Women Were During the House Contraception Mandate Hearing
The effort to tarnish religious freedom concerns as sexism is clever but wrong.
Mars Hill Says It Released Leaders Over Church Discipline Cases
Two "had a pattern of overstepping their authority," church says.
The Secret World of Arrietty
A beautiful, wondrous film centered on a well-crafted character and authentic relationships.
This Means War
Not even the three beautiful, likable leads can save this unoriginal rom-com.
In this Oscar-nominated documentary 'Friday Night Lights' meets 'The Blind Side.'
With Love
World We View
Animal Joy
Who's Feeling Young Now?
Obama Does Not Widen Religious Exemption for Contraceptive Mandate
The burden to cover contraception shifts to the insurance companies, but an earlier exemption for religious groups will not change.
W. E.
It could have been an interesting tale about King Edward III and his American mistress. But director Madonna drops the ball.
In Darkness
Polish Holocaust drama, an Oscar nominee, sheds light on unlikely survivor story.
A messy film about a dirty cop that has all the elements of greatness but ultimately fails to justify itself.
Safe House
Everybody fights and everybody lies in a thriller that tries to glamorize spies while demonizing their profession.
The Vow
A sweet love story with its heart in the right place but a somewhat misleading title.
Untangling the Gramophone
It's nice to feel the love of a Grammy nod, but it's hard to keep it in perspective.
First They Came for the Catholics: Obama's Contraceptive Mandate
An open letter to evangelical Christians.
Oscar Nominee Agnieszka Holland
The Polish director on films, faith, the Holocaust, and her new movie, 'In Darkness.'
Jaci Velasquez: A 'Diamond' Refined
With a new album, a great marriage, and two beautiful kids, she's more content than ever.
Kisses on the Bottom
Scars & Stories
Hearts Like Feathers
Together Again
Here We Are Again
Behind James MacDonald's Resignation from the Gospel Coalition
A prominent pastor's departure raises questions of church/non-church boundaries.
It Isn't Easy Being Pink: There Is No Neutral Ground When It Comes to Planned Parenthood
A noble cause cannot mask the most ignoble of partners.
The Politics of Breast Cancer
Why the Komen Foundation's desire not to be "political" is understandable, but impossible.
The Komen Fiasco's Silver Lining
Small comforts (and other sizes) emerge from Planned Parenthood’s bullying tactics.
The Pink Ribbon and the Dollar Sign
The wrong lessons to draw from the Komen-Planned Parenthood debacle.
The Similarities and Differences in Eric Metaxas's and President Obama's Prayer Breakfast Addresses
The 'Bonhoeffer' biographer emphasized care for the unborn as the President emphasized care for the poor.
Evangelicals Mounting Concerns over Obama Administration's Contraceptive Mandate
Protestants are increasingly joining Catholics in protesting Health & Human Services mandate.
The Ironies of Obama's National Prayer Breakfast Speech
The President seems to be debating himself on religious motivations and the common good.
Komen Reverses Course, Will Not Ban Planned Parenthood from Applying for Funding
The breast cancer awareness foundation had earlier said Planned Parenthood would be ineligible to apply for future grants.
Big Miracle
This real-life whale rescue story is inspiring, though perhaps too cute for its own good.
The Woman in Black
From Harry Potter to Hammer horror: Daniel Radcliffe reboots with an old-fashioned ghost story.
A surprisingly complex, personal, and dark video diary of three Seattle teens with superpowers.
Sundance 2012: A Call to Look Again
After 18 movies in 4 days, our reporter shares the best of the fest with CT readers.
I Found the Gospel in Communist Romania
I Found the Gospel in Communist Romania
And then I shared it with the man the government sent to kill me.