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Born to Sing: No Plan B
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October 2, 2012
Blue Note

Style: Warm soul, jazz, and R&B; Ray Charles, Otis Redding, Leadbelly

Top tracks: "If in Money You Trust," "Born to Sing," "Pagan Heart"

The name of Van Morrison's latest record isn't an apology, exactly, but it is something of an explanation. Born to Sing: No Plan B is the 35th album of a career that spans close to five decades. Van is still singing, still scatting into the mystic, because this is what he's born and called to do. For him, music is a habit of being.

It's an attitude that Morrison has likely held since the very beginning, but it's particularly helpful when considering his more recent output. Even his most ardent fans would likely agree that nothing he's made in recent years even touches the same hushed mystery and romantic bluster of 1968's Astral Weeks, nor do any of the latter-day Morrison albums quite have the deft touch and nimble energy of 1970's Moondance.

He made the transition from discoverer to craftsman a long time ago—but if his albums haven't surprised in a long while, they haven't often disappointed, either. These days, his albums bear witness to the real pleasures that come from hearing an old pro at the top of his game. Craft is rewarding in and of itself, especially when it's as warm and as soulful as it is here.

Morrison may make albums because it's what he's born to do, but that doesn't mean he doesn't also have something to say. On Born to Sing, his songs speak to deep spiritual longing, to a restless and dogged pursuit of truth and revelation in an age of mass confusion. Perhaps it is no coincidence that these ten songs also speak to contemporary events, with a candor and directness that is fairly uncommon in Morrison's catalog.

That's not always such a good thing: When he throws around ...

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Born to Sing: No Plan B
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