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The World the Missionaries Made

After reading CT's cover story, I realized I was standing on the shoulders of giants. My parents were missionaries in Tanzania, where they preached, built churches, and provided medical care. There were no believers when they arrived; when they retired, there were scores of thriving churches.

Today I lead the world's largest Protestant association of Christian schools. We are humbled and overwhelmed by the passion of today's pioneers as they disciple the next generation of indigenous leaders. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Bishop Marini Bodo is one striking example. As a Protestant leader who oversees nearly 20,000 Christian schools under his umbrella organization, he was educated in a school run by missionaries more than 65 years ago.

Daniel Egeler
President, Association of Christian Schools International
Colorado Springs

As a former missionary to the Democratic Republic of Congo, I found the article tremendously encouraging. One clarification: Page 38 shows a map where the Republic of Congo (formerly French Congo) rather than the Democratic Republic of Congo, is highlighted as the sphere of activity of Alice Seeley Harris. Both countries are called "Congo," but it was supposed to illustrate that although abuses occurred in both, Protestant missionaries were only allowed in the Belgian Congo.

Lilla Langford
Clifton, New Jersey

Now well into my 80th year, for the first time I have been feeling glad that I won't live much longer. I think this every time I learn about a colossal challenge against which I am able to do virtually nothing: a national debt now over $17 trillion, declining moral standards, and international misery and ...

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