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How we watch matters at least as much as what we watch. TV and movies are more than entertainment: they teach us how to live and how to love one another, for better or worse. And they both mirror and shape our culture.
Alissa Wilkinson

Alissa Wilkinson is Christianity Today's chief film critic and assistant professor of English and humanities at The King's College in New York City. She lives in Brooklyn.

Everything's Turning Up ApocalypseEverything's Turning Up Apocalypse
But in some less-than-obvious ways.
The Good Ministers of the Silver ScreenThe Good Ministers of the Silver Screen
Sure, there are badly-written clergy at TV and the movies. But it's the good ones that tell us something about what it is to be a minister.
The Sympathetic Doomsday Cult LeaderThe Sympathetic Doomsday Cult Leader
"Afflict the comfortable, and comfort the afflicted," says indie director Joshua Overbay.
The Rorschach AntichristThe Rorschach Antichrist
Mapleton: putting the "false Christ" into Christmas.
We Miserable SinnersWe Miserable Sinners
Making good 'Christian' movies is a matter of being a wretch.
But He Was SilentBut He Was Silent
Commentary on 'The Leftovers,' episode 3, in which the boats and the helicopter were just a lucky break.
What I Learned About Movies from a Well-Read DogWhat I Learned About Movies from a Well-Read Dog
And why I'll be blogging here.
Penguins, Trees, and TragediesPenguins, Trees, and Tragedies
Commentary and recap of the second episode of 'The Leftovers': 'Penguin One, Us Zero.'
The New ApocalypseThe New Apocalypse
Recap and commentary for the pilot episode of HBO's new post-Rapture show, 'The Leftovers.'
There's More to Love Than 'True Love'Subscriber Access OnlyThere's More to Love Than 'True Love'
Hollywood is finally giving us pictures of bonds that go deeper than romance.
TV Politics and Proximate JusticeTV Politics and Proximate Justice
Shows like 'Scandal,' 'The Americans,' and 'House of Cards' give us one picture of politics. Are there any others?
Why We Review R-Rated FilmsWhy We Review R-Rated Films
Our goal is not to promote movies—it's to help you be a discerning viewer and neighbor.
Our Experiment in CriticismOur Experiment in Criticism
Reflections from CT's chief film critic on what we're trying to do.
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Top Story July 31, 2014
Water Works: Why Baptism Is Essential
Water Works: Why Baptism Is Essential
Some churches say Baptism is optional, but the New Testament teaches it is integral to the life of faith.
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