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    • Afternoon church fits Orlando's 24/7 economy - Orlando Sentinel
      This is church for the graveyard-shift workers, the late sleepers, the hung over. It's church for theme-park workers, retail clerks, and others who work six days a week and want one day to sleep in. It's church for South Americans who grew up accustomed to afternoon services, and battle-weary parents tired of the struggle of getting their children up and ready for Sunday morning worship. Sunday afternoon church is a hit.
    • A Church of Many Colors: The Most Segregated Hour in America Gets Less So
      Consultants who advise churches in transition say most conflicts arise not from welcoming people of different races. Rather, resentments surface when these new groups ask for a stronger voice in how the church is run.

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    Yes, Jesus Has Always Been Our Boyfriend
    Yes, Jesus Has Always Been Our Boyfriend
    The biggest difference between old and new hymns isn't Trinitarian theology.
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