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The education of our children is vital to their continued success into adulthood. But as of late, things look grim: America’s public education system lags far behind other developed nations, test scores continue to drop, and the cost of higher education continues to climb, putting a college degree out of reach for many. Christians have long worked to provide high quality education with an emphasis on Christian doctrine for their children, but more and more are uniting with their neighbors to bring reform to struggling public schools.

  • Subscriber Access OnlyScandal?
    We would be deluding ourselves if we thought that evangelical thinking in our day has progressed very far.
  • The New School Choice Agenda The New School Choice Agenda
    Why Christians in Richmond, Virginia, and elsewhere are choosing to send their children to struggling public schools.
  • Education Is in Our DNA Subscriber Access OnlyEducation Is in Our DNA
    We should support every effort to upgrade our failing schools.
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  • The Tragedy and Farce of Cuts to Israeli Government Funding for Church Schools - Opinion - Haaretz
    The cuts in funding to church schools will result in a drastic increase in tuition fees and deeply affect the economic class structure of Arab society. There is no escaping the conclusion that the government is trying to bring about the social elimination of the most enlightened and educated segment of Arab society, along with Arab civil society in general (such as proposed legislation on contributions from foreign governments).
  • Vacation Bible Schools align with Common Core
    Jefferson County Public Schools has begun offering Common Core training to interested Vacation Bible School providers, enlisting the religious groups to help combat the "summer slide." (The Courier-Journal, Louisville, Ky.)

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