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    • Steve Jobs
      The imperfect film that demands a viewing.
    • The Martian
      Matt Damon and the whole world take on the Martian elements.
    • The Keeping Room
      A feminist Civil War drama that mostly works - except for all the mumbling.
    • The Walk
      The film is flawed, but the wire walk makes it all worth it.
    • The Intern
      A conventional film that explores gender in 21st century America in a surprisingly mature way.
    • 99 Homes
      America's master of social realism tells another gripping story, this one set during the 2010 housing crisis.
    • Hotel Transylvania 2
      A not-so-beloved original gets a much better sequel.
    • Film Festivals, Social Issues, and First World Guilt
      Films like 'Beasts of No Nation' raise our awareness of global tragedies. Is that enough?
    • Sicario
      A remarkably morally dense and thrilling look at people, politics, and the power that controls the two.
    • Time Out of Mind
      Want to know what it feels like to be homeless? Let Richard Gere show you in this extraordinary performance.
    • Captive
      The trouble with true stories is all over this star-studded Christian one.
    • Spotlight
      What happens when good men stop doing nothing?
    • Everest
      A movie about a fateful climb that brings up a question: is “Christian Tragedy” an oxymoron?
    • Black Mass
      Johnny Depp is great as the vampiric gangster Whitey Bulger, but the film falls curiously flat.
    • The Visit
      A return to plot twists (but not a return to form) for M. Night Shyamalan.
    • What Do We Make of '90 Minutes in Heaven'?
      Near-death experiences make for popular books and movies. But what should Christians do with them?
    • The Long Tail: No Man Is An Island
      Films (and one television show) about community you can watch at home.
    • A Walk In The Woods
      Why are good books so hard to adapt to the big screen?.
    • The Difficulty (and Beauty) of Vulnerability
      Openness in personal relationships can bring pain, but it also offers unrivaled love and support.
    • Lazy Writing, Cheap Restoration
      Christian films like 'War Room' are getting better, but they still lag in quality in one important area.
    • Sinister 2
      A bloody roller coaster with unappealing hills and underwhelming drops.
    • Mistress America
      Director Noah Baumbach returns to the promises and complexities of female friendship.
    • Top Spin
      An engaging documentary about three likable teens chasing their Olympic ping-pong dreams.
    • The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
      Style trumps plot in this homage to 1960s espionage—as it should.
    • The Gift
      Shouldn’t a thriller be a little more . . . thrilling?
    • Ricki and the Flash
      In which Rick Springfield outshines Meryl Streep, and Jonathan Demme finally directs a dud.
    • Fantastic Four
      We've given up hope, entirely. Maybe that's okay.
    • Shaun the Sheep Movie
      Good, innocent fun with a bunch of hilarious and fluffy sheep made by the creators of 'Wallace and Gromit.'
    • Dark Places
      A movie by the author of 'Gone Girl' tells a flimsy mystery story instead of a tale of forgiving yourself.
    • Why True Crime Is Making a Comeback
      We have all been Jinxed and Serialed.
    • Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation
      Saving the world—and a dark and bloated summer movie season—at the last possible second.
    • The End of the Tour
      In the David Foster Wallace biopic, the author's own words are the best part.
    • Pixels
      An insidious version of a “family friendly” movie that is a shameful artifact of nerd culture - and some recommendations for better ones.
    • 'Inside Out' and Christian Sadness
      The new Pixar film reminds us that sadness is often necessary.
    • Self/less
      None of the good parts of a sci-fi meet none of the good parts of an action movie.
    • Trainwreck
      Do you want to see the story of Hosea and Gomer remade as a raunchy sex comedy?
    • The Stanford Prison Experiment
      A retelling of the famous 1971 experiment that is still every bit as relevant today.
    • Ant-Man
      Ant-Man has all the right parts, but it's time for Marvel to start taking the issues it raises seriously.
    • Mr. Holmes
      After over 250 appearances on screen, is there a point to telling yet another Sherlock Holmes story? Yes, there sure is.


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    • Special 'Unbroken' DVD Will Be Marketed to Christian Audiences
      Universal has taken the unusual step of making the “Legacy of Faith” version available only at Christian outlets.
    • Why are Christian movies so painfully bad? - Vox
      It isn't problematic that Christians "borrow ideas" from Hollywood and put their own spin on them. Every film genre does this. But given the Christian doctrine of creation, it is certainly surprising that so many Christian filmmakers — and artists in general — would choose to mimic someone else's vision, rather than cultivate their own.

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