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Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa. Divided between a predominantly Muslim north and a predominantly Christian south, the country is home to some of the world’s most vicious scenes of religious conflict. Boko Haram (roughly translated as “Western education is forbidden”), an Islamist movement that seeks to impose Shari’ah law throughout Nigeria, has claimed responsibility for a spate of attacks on Christian churches in recent years.

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  • Nigerian bishop calls for Western intervention to stop Boko Haram. Published 1/20/2015. World.
    Bishop Doeme said that of the 125,000 Catholics in his diocese, almost 70,000 have fled their homes and about 1,000 have been killed. In his diocese, he said, Boko Haram militants have destroyed more than 50 churches and chapels, and more than 200 churches have had to be abandoned in the past five years.
  • No Safety for Christians in the Mideast - The New York Times
    If they urge Western societies to give sanctuary to fellow Christians from the patchwork of denominations that have flourished in the Middle East, they risk accelerating the region’s de-Christianization and fanning xenophobia in European lands. If they do nothing, they stand accused of abandoning those who share their faith.

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