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Christians make up the largest religious minority in Pakistan. But outspokenness in defense of one’s faith, or public opposition to the country’s laws forbidding blasphemy against Islam, carries great risks to life and limb. Christians are often targeted by Muslim vigilantes, who can operate without fear of government reprisal. And in 2011, two prominent political figures were assassinated for their stances against the criminalization of blasphemy.

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  • ​‘Christ be with UKIP’: Christians in Pakistan pray for a Farage election victory (VIDEO) — RT UK
    UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage’s beleaguered election campaign has received a divine endorsement from an unlikely source this week. A Christian church in Pakistan has been filmed praying for the success of Britain’s ring-wing Euroskeptic party in the general election this May.
  • Pakistani Christians Fight Back - The New York Times
    akistan’s undemocratic state has never accepted caste as a legitimate political category, preferring to use religion as an all-encompassing tool for mobilization. This has helped its dictators and autocrats amass power — prolonging their tenures, stifling dissent and building nuclear bombs. But it has undermined the country’s most vulnerable community twofold: Pakistani Christians have both lost their claim to caste-based affirmative action and acquired the hazardous, Taliban-baiting title of a “religious minority.”

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