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From verbal harassment to hanging, persecution for professing faith in Christ is as old as Christianity itself, often comingling with ethnic violence and geo-political conflict. In the 20th century, Christians in formerly Communist countries went underground with their faith, eventually gaining support and advocacy from missionary Brother Andrew and his Open Doors USA. Today the nonprofit compiles an annual list of the world’s worst persecutors of Christians; Muslim countries with stringent Shari’ah law comprise 8 of the top 10 worst.

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  • Pakistani Christians Fight Back - The New York Times
    akistan’s undemocratic state has never accepted caste as a legitimate political category, preferring to use religion as an all-encompassing tool for mobilization. This has helped its dictators and autocrats amass power — prolonging their tenures, stifling dissent and building nuclear bombs. But it has undermined the country’s most vulnerable community twofold: Pakistani Christians have both lost their claim to caste-based affirmative action and acquired the hazardous, Taliban-baiting title of a “religious minority.”
  • 'I Am A Christian' Movie Halted After Mariam Ibraheem, Husband Reveal They Were Not Consulted; Sudanese Couple Say They Are 'Not Happy' With 'Terrible' Affair
    The campaign was scrapped after Ibraheem and her husband, Daniel Wani, came forward to publicly denounce the film, because they had not given Christian Lives Matter, LLC, the newly-formed company responsible for "I Am A Christian," rights to tell their story. The couple in fact only learned Tuesday through news reports that the project was being pursued without their permission.

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