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From verbal harassment to hanging, persecution for professing faith in Christ is as old as Christianity itself, often comingling with ethnic violence and geo-political conflict. In the 20th century, Christians in formerly Communist countries went underground with their faith, eventually gaining support and advocacy from missionary Brother Andrew and his Open Doors USA. Today the nonprofit compiles an annual list of the world’s worst persecutors of Christians; Muslim countries with stringent Shari’ah law comprise 8 of the top 10 worst.

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  • Chinese Christians Resist Government Plan to Remove Crosses - The New York Times
    That has caused sometimes spectacular protests, with believers climbing spires to shield the crosses, as well as creative efforts to bypass the regulations. Some congregations have been building small crosses to hang outside the windows of members’ homes or from their car mirrors.
  • North Korea and Christianity - uneasy bedfellows - BBC News
    The unapproved Christian groups seem to be at their strongest in the north of the country near the border with China, because missionaries from there can get in and out more easily (though China is uneasy about them too). One Westerner who had lived in Pyongyang for several years told the BBC that he thought the official Christians he had met didn't seem to have a strong faith. He was continually amazed by how superstitious the people were in all kinds of non-Christian ways and they had no fear of talking.

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