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    • How Serious Is the Supreme Court About Religious Freedom? - The Atlantic
      This standard may sound familiar—RLUIPA is the sister statute to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or RFRA, the federal law which was at issue in Hobby Lobby. These laws apply to different laws implicating religious freedom—RFRA only to federal laws and RLUIPA to the land use and prison contexts—but both ask whether a religious burden is the “least-restrictive means” of accomplishing the government’s “compelling” goals.
    • Law Society of B.C. to hold referendum on Trinity Western University law school | Metro
      Trinity Western’s School of Law would be the first private, faith-based law school in Canada, but it has been met by strong opposition from gay and lesbian rights groups over a “community covenant” that all TWU students are required to sign.The covenant mandates, among other Christian values, that students refrain from sex except in the context of a heterosexual marriage.

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