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Religious Freedom

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    • Can’t Have Your Cake, Gays Are Told, and a Rights Battle Rises - The New York Times
      Of course, many religious business owners are serving same-sex weddings without incident. But there are also refusals that go unreported because the couples turned away by vendors simply move on.
    • Catholic Church Argues It Doesn't Have to Show Up in Court Because Religious Freedom - Mother Jones
      Herx filed a discrimination lawsuit in 2012. In response, St. Vincent de Paul School and the Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese, her former employers, countered with an argument used by a growing number of religious groups to justify firings related to IVF treatment or pregnancies outside of marriage: Freedom of religion gives them the right to hire (or fire) whomever they choose. But the diocese took one big step further. It is arguing that, in this instance, its religious liberty rights protect the school from having to go to court at all.

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