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June Web Exclusives 2010

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Category Confusion

Is the question for Christians "Out or In?" or "Farther or Closer?"

Dave Gibbons: The Rabbinical Way

Most churches pursue spiritual formation in a didactic way. We assess a person's strengths and then expect them to engage a series of classes that will, we hope, lead to maturity. But, what if we could customize a discipleship journey for each member of our church?

Jon Tyson: Our Cultural Narrative

Jon Tyson describes the story of American culture as "the pursuit of happiness by getting more through comfort." How can this story be transformed by the gospel?

Andy Stanley: Great Leaders Aren't Great at Everything

Andy Stanley discusses how our fully developed strengths are more valuable to our churches and organizations than our marginally improved weaknesses.
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Confessions of a Pastor's Wife

Confessions of a Pastor's Wife

Could I live up to his calling?
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