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Don't miss this opportunity to encourage a friend.

I called a friend who serves as children's pastor for a Southern California church.

"Hey Steve," I said, "it's David."

"I can't believe this," he responded. "For the past three days, you've been on my list of people to call."

We talked only briefly about work. Then we took turns sharing stories about family and life. We agreed that we want to get together if an upcoming West Coast business trip materializes. For 30 minutes, we enjoyed a life-giving and heart-building conversation. Even though thousands of miles and several time zones separate us, I love Steve like a brother. And I treasure the times we catch up with one another.

That likely happens for you, too, when you talk with people you know well who work outside of your ministry. You don't obsess about situations. You don't complain. You don't feel cautious about what you're saying.

Instead, when you interact because of a friendship, you can relax and be real. You can cheer for each other. You can lift and be lifted. That's what gives ...

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