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Leadership Journal

Is Seminary Old School?Subscriber Access Only

4 pastors weigh the pros and cons of higher education.
Leadership Journal

The Brave New Case for ChastitySubscriber Access Only

When defending purity, go right to the heart.
Leadership Journal

Coaching from the SidelineSubscriber Access Only

Instead of providing answers to problems, this mentoring strategy guides people to devise their own plays.
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Cheryl Sanders

Currents Shaping My Church: Up and ComersSubscriber Access Only

What characteristics do you look for in future leaders?
Ken Fong, Erwin McManus, and Cheryl Sanders identify the characteristics they look for in new leaders.

Same-Sex Marriage: What Can I Say?Subscriber Access Only

Four pastors discuss the pressures and opportunities of the current controversy.
In this forum, four pastors discuss the pastor's role in the same-sex marriage debate.

Is Seminary Old School?Subscriber Access Only

4 pastors weigh the pros and cons of higher education.
Four pastors share their thoughts on whether seminary is essential for modern church leaders.

Panel: What's the Most Pressing Theological Issue Facing Your Church?Subscriber Access Only

Four pastors reveal what they perceive to be the most relevant theological issue in their church.

Leader's Insight: Kids and the Church's Dirty LaundrySubscriber Access Only

How much should the family know about the ugly stuff at church?
Three pastors reveal how much church business they share with their spouse and kids.
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A Tale of Two Weekends

A Tale of Two Weekends

What can preachers learn from professional storytellers?
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Discipling in a Digital Age

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