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Join Our Summer Study Group
Meet with women from across the country for community, encouragement, and discussion. - Article
Beginning Monday, July 10, we'll have live Facebook videos, discussion questions, encouragements, and more for anyone interested in following along.
Clayton King: Putting Family First
How do you prioritize the needs of your family?
Clayton King: Hearing God's Voice
How do you listen to God's direction for your ministry?
Clayton King: Discouraged Pastors
How would you encourage struggling pastors?
Straight to the Source
Seminaries teach a simple method for studying the Bible that we can all use to study the Bible ourselves. - Article
They have been taught about the Bible through sermons, videos, and podcasts, and some may even read a daily devotional— but very few study the Bible in any depth.
Sexual Addiction Destroyed My Pastorate
Exposing the truth was just the first step to redemption.
At 180 we spend time worshiping, listen to one of the videos in our recovery program, and then break into 12 small groups where broken men receive encouragement, support, and
Course on Church Management • Meeting Decisions • Direct Feedback: Management Roundup
Trends, tips, ideas, and stats to help church leaders manage well this week. - Article
started. It features content and videos by Richard Hammar and Michael Batts, plus two weeks of interactive Q&A with Rich through a discussion forum.
The Spiritual Lives of Entrepreneurs: Introduction
Praxis CEO David Blanchard discusses equipping young entrepreneurs.
Work as Formation
The founder of a toy company explores how his work impacts his spiritual life.
Do Well and Do Good
How does Christian faith play out in Silicon Valley?
Big Things Could Happen
How can churches better engage entrepreneurs?
Rest and Sabbath
In a workaholic culture, why should the church talk about work?
Managing Risks • Salary Benchmarks • Workplace Excuses: Management Roundup
Trends, tips, ideas, and stats to help church leaders manage well this week. - Article
Pocket can help you bookmark all kinds of content, from articles to images and videos, and sync that information across multiple devices so you can access it later.
8 Tips on Using Skype to Promote Church Events
Learn how to use this free tool to record video interviews - Article
We're showing these videos in church on the Sundays leading up to the weekend when they'll be with us. And meetings. People don't watch serious videos.
How I Leverage My Autism for Pastoral Ministry
My life-changing diagnosis forced me to learn myself—and my ministry role—all over again.
without speaking—but until that point, I didn't know there was such a thing as “social cues.” After about a year of investigating on my own by reading and watching videos, I was
The Church Offertory: What's Trending?
7 trends worth noting as you evaluate your church offertory - Article
Typically, this statement is about how the funds are used. Members are able to see through videos or testimonies the missional impact of their gifts. 7
Is Your Church a Pipeline, Portal, or Platform?
The amount of life transformation you're seeing may depend on your answer.
If that one core action does not happen or does not scale, there is no platform. For instance: YouTube is a platform for the hosting (production) and viewing (consumption) of videos.
What Can Heal Racial Wounds?
South Bronx Pastor Dimas Salaberrios talks about race, abortion, and criminal justice.
your book and testimony. What did you think when you saw the Planned Parenthood videos? Those videos definitely upset me. Our ministry is located
The Autism-Friendly Church
How your church can welcome those with autism.
equip their churches with resources such as Special Needs Smart Pages by Joni and Friends—with articles, ideas, and activities to use at church—and “Making Sense of Autism” videos
Remembering Their Chains
6 Practical Ways to Support the Global Persecuted Church
There's a trove of online resources as well. Each of these websites offers stories, videos, and opportunities to get involved and take action. Watch the videos in the Torchlighters series.
Displaying 1–20 of 266 matches
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