Editors’ Note

Things are rarely what they seem. That could be the theme of many a Behemoth issue. Certainly of this one.

We begin with J. Todd Billings on a deadly poison that saved his life—and how this is not unlike redemption in Christ.

Next, Kenneth Tanner argues for a more comforting condolence than Hallmark can offer.

Ann Gauger then helps us see what we cannot: the amazing life transpiring in a cell.

Finally, Puritan Anne Bradstreet waxes eloquent about how missing her husband, away on a business trip, is an occasion to celebrate their love.

There are all sorts of shades in this thing called wonder, no?

—Mark Galli

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Also in this Issue

Issue 10 / November 27, 2014
  1. Deadly, Healing Medicine

    I had to ingest poison if I hoped to live. /

  2. A More Genuine Sympathy

    Our hope is particular, personal, and unapologetically material. /

  3. Mystery at the Heart of Life

    The secret life of cells /

  4. ‘If Two Be One’

    The thoughts of a devoted wife when her husband is away on business. /

  5. Wonder on the Web

    Links to amazing stuff

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