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Good News about Ebola

Ebola is rightfully sobering us up. Hardly a day goes by without its threatening presence being mentioned, either in the US or in Africa. Caution is prudent, and we should indeed employ many a resource to stop the disease and tend to the infected. However, we are also wise to note the overall state of affairs, and this map of Africa shows that remarkably well.

Theologians in the Hands of Mystified Moderns

One theologian ...

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Issue 12 / December 25, 2014
  1. Editors’ Note
  2. Shipping the Gospel

    The relative sophistication of ancient travel is a key to the spread of the gospel. /

  3. When Grace Goes Down Like Soup

    The ancient food is a leveler and a great comfort. /

  4. The Miracle of Exponential Growth

    For one thing, it would take us 100 billion years to grow up otherwise. /

  5. When Eternity Played by the Calendar

    A Christmas prayer /

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