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Spooky Light Particles

“We are still getting to grips with the properties of photons and it seems that they don’t experience distance in the same way as we do.” So says Michael Brooks in this piece on photons, which can be light years apart and yet have some unexplainable “cosmic connection.”

Walk in the Light—Up to a Point

The Bible tells us to walk in the light, but apparently we don’t want to ...

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Issue 5 / September 18, 2014
  1. Editors’ Note
  2. In the Beginning Was Laughter

    What does joy look like, and from where does it come? /

  3. Ultimate Hide-and-Seek

    Why is God so elusive sometimes? /

  4. High Praise

    What’s a bird doing flying above Mt. Everest? /

  5. Aviation Marvels

    Right now there are over 60,000 people overhead. /

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