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What Lake?

Just when we think everything to be discovered in nature has been, someone goes swimming under Antarctica. Apparently one hidden lake contains thousands of microbes and vast ecosystems.

Science AND Faith

This issue’s long read will not inspire wonder or awe—unless it’s at the silliness of the new atheists. It’s a discussion of the relationship of religion and science, and the many misconceptions Richard ...

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Issue 6 / October 2, 2014
  1. Editors’ Note
  2. Already Friends of God

    It’s not as if we have to work at it. /

  3. Earthrise

    The day our view of the world changed /

  4. Rampart of the Word

    The common pulpit is where the fiercest of battles are fought—and won. /

  5. The Gene Tool Box

    It’s bigger and more useful than we imagine. /

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