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What You’d See if You Waited in the Desert

Treat yourself to 180 seconds of wonder in this time-lapse film of an Arizona national park. Not to sound like a BuzzFeed title, but honestly, wait around: you won’t believe what happens at the end.

A Third of Humanity is Christian

And by 2050, we’ll have 36 percent of the world, thanks to explosive growth in the global South. Facts & Trends reports this and more in 7 Encouraging ...

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Issue 18 / March 19, 2015
  1. Editors’ Note
  2. The Dance of Suffering and Love

    What to do with our grief for the world. /

  3. Wheat and Bread by the Numbers

    Common foods, rich with history and biblical meaning. /

  4. Precious Oil, Mingled with Tears

    Hope happens here at this nexus of bitter and sweet. /

  5. Hope

    ‘It is the singular gift / we cannot destroy in ourselves’ /

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