Editors’ Note

Issue 20: Language, Ants, and Julian of Norwich

We at The Behemoth use not only images and design, but also language to communicate the wonder of God and his world. And yet, language itself is a wonder of creation, both God’s and ours. That’s the theme of the opening piece in this, the 20th issue of The Behemoth.

Language is not just a gift, but a blessing. As Dylan Demarsico notes, God uses extraordinary words during sadly extraordinary times to bring us the miracle of hope.

Our science offering this issue looks at tiny creatures who perform herculean feats—leafcutter ants. Ants have a lot to teach us besides the biblical warning about sloth. For one, by themselves ants could accomplish little to nothing, but working together they create wonders of nature.

Both God’s and humanity’s creativity are on display in our poem, which focuses on man’s first vocation with language: naming.

All in all, another wonder-filled issue to enjoy!

—Mark Galli, co-editor

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Also in this Issue

Issue 20 / April 16, 2015
  1. O for 7,000+ Tongues to Meep

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  2. A Bizarre and Mighty Civilization

    And it’s made by leafcutter ants. /

  3. Morning Songs in the Night

    God sings the same chorus over and over—even during the blackest of plagues. /

  4. Naming the Animals

    ‘Until he named the cow cow, no one slept standing up’ /

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