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Nanny’s Got Skills

Sometimes gambling pays off. Like when you buy hundreds of rolls of undeveloped film for $380 at an auction, and it turns out to contain the previously-unseen work of one of the world’s most important street photographers. Such is the story of buyer John Maloof and photographer Vivian Maier, a Chicago nanny who kept her camera hobby secret. Enjoy the photos and the novelty of the story.

Drone’s-Eye View

For those ...

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Issue 27 / July 23, 2015
  1. Editors’ Note

    Issue 27 (our first anniversary!): Peregrine falcons, the storm that changed Western Christianity, and a wonderful word after waiting. /

  2. Finding Flight with the Falcons

    Considering the peregrine, who are we to think we belong in the air? /

  3. ‘God Blew, and They Were Scattered’

    God may or may not have played a role in the defeat of the Spanish Armada. What mattered is that everyone at the time thought he did. /

  4. Perhaps This Mid-May

    28 cycles of waiting. Then a final message. /

  5. Width, Length, Height, Depth

    ‘I can look nowhere / but up the sheer red walls’ /

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