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Behemoths by the Dozen

This is not the type of poem we usually recommend, but you may nevertheless get a kick out of it. A science writer gets lyric about enormous prehistoric monsters:

The past is packed with monsters! Behemoths by the dozen!
Let's meet these fossils (and their less colossal modern cousins) . . .

The Beauty of Orthodoxy

As a magazine focused on wonder, we have been intentional about not limiting ourselves to science and nature. Rather, we’ve sought to also show how theology can create a deep awe within us. (Corporately, our company calls this idea Beautiful Orthodoxy.) A recent CT essay by editor Kevin Emmert demonstrates how a doctrine came to his aid in a time of mourning:

I saw a glimmer of hope. It didn’t come from counseling, prayer, or personal encouragement. It came through my theological studies. I discovered a doctrine—and, more important, a reality—that comforted me and forever altered my view of the Christian life.

The doctrine is called union with Christ. I had heard of it before, but in a class on Martin Luther, I encountered it in a way that excited me . . . it dawned on me: If I am one with Christ, as he and the Father are one, then he’s always with me, even in this terrible episode (John 17:20–26).

Earth View

Sage folks in our culture often repeat the locution “Look up,” reminding us to seek perspective. In this case, we’re asking you to “Look down.” The aerial advantage is harder to obtain day to day, but Google has made it easy with Earth View, “a collection of the most beautiful and striking landscapes found in Google Earth.” The Google Chrome plugin probably doesn’t make us more productive, but does help to set the context for each new tab, reminding us that the world is a very beautiful place.

What Makes an Octopus So Smart?

We featured the alien-like creature in our last issue, and now we point you to Nature for a deeper look at what’s behind the animal’s brilliant mind and strange body. Scroll down for a short video that summarizes how an octopus’s large and unique genome gives it the intelligence to open a jar and the body to shape-shift and change colors.

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Issue 29 / August 20, 2015
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