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Behemoths by the Dozen

This is not the type of poem we usually recommend, but you may nevertheless get a kick out of it. A science writer gets lyric about enormous prehistoric monsters:

The past is packed with monsters! Behemoths by the dozen!
Let's meet these fossils (and their less colossal modern cousins) . . .

The Beauty of Orthodoxy

As a magazine focused on wonder, we have been intentional about not limiting ourselves to science and nature. ...

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Issue 29 / August 20, 2015
  1. Editors’ Note

    Issue 29: Fishing with fathers, what we go out into the wilderness to see, and how Joy began to find Jesus. /

  2. Reeling from Joy in the Texas Bay

    Fishing with my dad lends itself to all kinds of spiritual metaphors and benefits. But that’s not what keeps me casting. /

  3. Call of the Wilderness

    The Desert Fathers saw it as faith’s testing ground. The Transcendentalists saw it as sanctuary. The Gospel writers had their own views. /

  4. The World’s Most Astonished Atheist

    The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki destroyed Joy Davidman’s worldview, too. /

  5. Lines Cast

    ‘So this is the face of the ocean.’ /

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