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Issue 34: Links to amazing stuff.

Every Image of the Solar System You’ve Ever Seen Is Inaccurate

Because, planets, it turns out, are microscopic compared to the distances between them, which are pretty much impossible to represent in an image. So, yep, you guessed it, we’re going to offer a model that is accurate—and beautiful cinematography to frame it all. Prepare to feel small. And then go back and read Mark Galli’s essay again.

Speaking of Whales

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Issue 34 / October 29, 2015
  1. Editor's Note from October 29, 2015

    Issue 34: The long, weighty future of a whale’s body, God’s childlike attention, and hip op. /

  2. Sunken Treasure

    The end of a great creature’s life is the beginning of a long, deep community. /

  3. Deeper than Deep Space

    The unbelievable and unfathomable truth of the universe is God’s childlike gaze. /

  4. The Joint of Strength and Mortality

    A doctor looks at Jacob’s hip. /

  5. Whale Fall

    “Its carrion / carries on” /

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