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Issue 40: Links to amazing stuff.

Packer’s Puritan Publications Published

The John Richard Allison Library in Vancouver has just digitized its entire collection of rare Puritan texts—and made them available to read online for free. Not only do you get to see high-res scans of the originals, old-school bibliophiles also get the satisfaction of virtually flipping each page (thankfully, you can turn off the page-flip sound effects). Exhibit A: Jeremiah Burroughs’s “treatise ...

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Issue 40 / January 21, 2016
  1. Editor's Note from January 21, 2016

    Issue 40: The best worst solar storm, hurricanes’ gifts, and a “spiritual Fitbit.” /

  2. The Week the Sun Reached Out and Touched Us

    The Carrington Flare happened at the last moment humanity could collectively appreciate it. /

  3. Why I Thank God for Hurricanes

    The natural disasters don’t simply destroy life. They make the world a better place. /

  4. Inside the ‘Spiritual Fitbit’

    Can an app measure how close you feel to God? Can it get you closer? /

  5. Snowflake

    “Timing’s everything.” /

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